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Stuart Brothers

How to Marry a Stuart Brother

Two brothers. Two chronicles about love and priorities

Alan and Morgan Stuart are two brothers devoted to their businesses, each other, and their woman. Maybe they both should rethink that order.

Chronicle One - Alan and Eloise are a power couple who have grown apart over their ten year marriage. What happens when they find that their marriage was never registered? Will an eminent natural disaster be the final straw that breaks them apart or will it rekindle their love and send them to the altar for a second chance?

Chronicle Two - Morgan and Margot are wild about each other. Secure about each other’s love, they focused on their careers. Commitment was not something either wanted. When they attend a friend’s destination wedding all Margot’s doubts are gone. She wants Morgan’s ring on her finger, but he keeps teasing her about their ‘no commitment’ agreement. Perhaps if he saw someone else interested in her he’d change his mind. That’s a dangerous game. Will they come to their senses or deny the loving relationship they both desire?

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NN Light Chronicle One - This story illustrates what can happen to a marriage when love takes a backseat to business. Beautifully written with plenty of tension-filled scenes, it’s a second-chance romance set in the Virgin Islands. What could be better? Chronicle Two - How do you go from being a couple without commitment to husband and wife? This story will resonate with many readers and I enjoyed it immensely. The fact that both want to take the next step allows for comical misunderstandings. A well-written romance that gives you all the feels. Highly recommend!